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Sail Boat Simulation
 Sail Boat Simulation (NEW)
Sail Boat simulation made using the freeSpins3D component for Flash.
Introduction to Sailing
 Online Sailing (NEW)
Carefully Navigate Your Sailboat Through Rocky Waters.

Introduction to Sailing
 Sailing Match (NEW)
Move your mouse to move your yacht forwards or backwards. The "w" key moves your yacht closer to you and "s" further away.

 Word Sailing (NEW)
Click or Type letters to make a word, then click ENTER.
Black Sails
 Black Sails (NEW)
Control the seas with your mighty ship in the carribean. Recruit crew members and overpower your enemies!

 Tall Ships (NEW)
Guide Your Tall Ship Through the Dangers of the Atlantic Ocean to Arrive at each Port Safely.
 Captain Chaos (NEW)
Avoid the wildlife, creatures of the deep sea or risk being sunk. Race against the clock and the red boat.

Outsmart the Weather in a Race Around the World.
 3D Sailing (NEW)
Voyage Across the Vast Tasman Sea Collecting as many Buoys as You can Manage.